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RICH IN HEALTH® - Oat Shake Plus is a concentrated β eta-glucan powder refined from Oats. The health benefits of Oats have been known for many centuries and with this in mind Rich in Health has used a modern process to provie a higher level of Beta-glucan in each serve of Oat Shake Plus than that found in regualr Oat products so that you are able to harness all the positive health benefits from Oats.
Help keep your heart, arteries, blood vessles as well as your digestive system healthy by including an Oat Shake Plus in your daily diet. RICH IN HEALTH® - Oat Shake Plus is one of the richest known sources of β- glucan and your body will benefit from reduced Cholesterol absorbtion, improved regulation of your blood glucose levles, as well as an excellent source of vital soluble fiber for general well-being and improved immune response.
Our all natural RICH IN HEALTH® - Oat Shake Plus powder is free from artificial colourings or additives, gluten free, has a low gi rating and is the most highly conentrated source of Beta-glucan available in a powdered shake and can be taken on its own or mixed with your prefered beverage to your desired taste.
RICH IN HEALTH® - Oat Shake Plus is blended to our own specialised formula using our state of the art blending system resulting in a highly refined powder which is smooth in texture, even in flavour and easily dissolved to give you a refreshing and clean taste. Our exclusive blending process allows for versatility including use in Delicious :hot & cold beverages, sports drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, cakes etc.
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